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Unleash Africa Podcast

The Unleash Africa Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring an in-depth analysis of economic opportunities and challenges facing African countries. It focuses on the full spectrum of socio-economic-political affairs of the nations of the continent. It will analyze and expound on development techniques that will create millions of jobs in African countries by changing the manner in which African countries have traded with the world.

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The Quest for Prosperity

As African countries continue to fight for a place in the global arena, it is paramount that they reflect on the history of successful countries and businesses to help guide them to economic success.

Economic Emancipation of African Countries

As economies around the world cope with the crippling COVID-19 coronavirus, so too must African countries on top of their current issues of lackluster leadership and prevalent corruption.

Pragmatic Economic Development Through Export-Oriented Industrialization

The simplest path for African countries to grow their economy is through export-oriented industrialization (EOI). Leaders must focus on what goods and services they can start exporting to the rest of the world.

Continuing the Conversation: Ways African Countries Can Capitalize on Their Raw Materials

Raw materials in African countries have been and continue to be exploited by others. It's time for these countries to change the narrative through the manufacturing and exportation of finished goods.