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Unleash Africa Podcast

The Unleash Africa Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring an in-depth analysis of economic opportunities and challenges facing African countries. It focuses on the full spectrum of socio-economic-political affairs of the nations of the continent. It will analyze and expound on development techniques that will create millions of jobs in African countries by changing the manner in which African countries have traded with the world.

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Building Competitiveness in Africa Through Champion Companies

Google is a great example of a champion company known around the world. It was born out of an ecosystem in the United States where venture capitalism supports and drives entrepreneurship that has the chance to reshape the landscape of not only the country, but the world..

The Sogo Sosha Example of Champion Companies

The sogo sosha of Japan and the chaebols of South Korea are examples of powerful champion companies that created bountiful opportunities for their respective nations to become global economic powerhouses.

Prosperity is in Building Champion Companies

Through deliberate planning, their companies like the English and Dutch merchant companies boosted their nation’s economy in search of business opportunities abroad. Similarly, the Asian Tigers followed suit and created champion companies of their own.

Creating Champion Companies

African countries can follow in the footsteps of Asian Tigers by creating an environment that allows for the development of champion companies. It’s a simple strategy, yet one that will bring prosperity to every nation that properly executes it.