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Unleash Africa Podcast

The Unleash Africa Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring an in-depth analysis of economic opportunities and challenges facing African countries. It focuses on the full spectrum of socio-economic-political affairs of the nations of the continent. It will analyze and expound on development techniques that will create millions of jobs in African countries by changing the manner in which African countries have traded with the world.

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Governance Competency is the Key to Economic Prosperity for African Countries

It takes a combination of steadfast leadership, strategy, and execution to build an economy from the ground up. Moreover, it takes governance competency for African nations to achieve economic emancipation.

China’s Template for Economic Success

The economic rise of China is a great model that African countries can study and begin to implement. In under half a century, China was able to go from an economically struggling country to a global superpower.

The Importance of Governance Competence

There have been numerous examples throughout the Asian continent of successful countries rising to power through governance competence. However, when you review the current landscape of the African continent, that list is painfully sparse.

The Economic Rise of South Korea

The task of building an economy from the ground up is not unique to African countries. South Korea, a country without prominent natural resources, is a brilliant success story of what can be achieved with strong leadership and economic vision.