Online Book Tour

The 2017 Unleashed Online Book Tour will showcase Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World and author, John I. Akhile Sr., on a variety of sites through interviews, guest articles, podcasts, and book reviews. Unleashed has been endorsed by experts such as former chief economist of the World Bank, Dr. Justin Yifu Lin. It is a relevant and seminal book that can alter the course of any African country from poverty to prosperity.For more information or to inquire about being an online book tour stop, contact our marketing manager, Gayle Cottrill by Email or at 844-344-193.

Tour Stops

We are scheduling “stops” such as interviews, reviews of the book, and guest posts by John I. Akhile Sr. for our online tour stops. The stops will be on a variety of different online outlets including, but not limited to, podcasts, news publications, special interest sites, and personal and professional blogs.

Marketing Benefits

By participating as one of the online book tour stops, your site will receive marketing benefits from the Unleashed Marketing Team.

  • Links to each stop will be posted on our website.
  • Each stop will be heavily marketed on our social media platforms leading up to and following the publishing date of your site’s tour stop.

By publishing content about Unleashed on your site and sharing it across your networks, this important book will find its way to more readers and bring about positive change on the African continent. In turn, our online audience will also be directed to visit your site, increasing your traffic and audience as well.


Book Relevance


Africa is number two in land and human resources available but bringing up the rear conversion of resources into welfare and prosperity for its people.


(2011 Data in billion kilo watt hours)

The tale of the tape of global poverty

Poverty head count ratio at $1.25 a day (PPP)
(% of population in 2011)


(Non fuels/Agriculture)


In absolute terms, receipts in destinations around the world increased by US$ 81 billion (euro 34 billion, comparatively less due to the depreciation of the dollar) from US$ 1078 billion (euro 839 billion) in 2012.
Europe, which accounts for 42% of all international tourism receipts, saw the biggest growth in 2013: up US$ 35 billion to US$ 489 billion (euro 368 billion). Destinations in Asia and the Pacific (accounting for 31% of all tourism receipts) increased earnings by US$ 30 billion to US$ 359 billion (euro 270 bn). In the Americas (20% share), receipts increased by US$ 16 billion to a total of US$ 229 billion (euro 173 bn). In the Middle East (4% share) total tourism receipts are estimated at US$ 47 billion (euro 36 bn) and in Africa (3% share) at US$