Date: Nov 14, 2016

Contact: Eron Henry
Media Relations Coordinator
Unleashed Marketing Team

Newsletter focuses on African development and historical tragedies

The November issue of the Unleash Africa newsletter recounts some of the significant historical and economic development issues affecting African countries.

Zak Smith profiles MeQasa, a startup founded in Ghana in 2013 as an online resource for real estate information. “After seeing first-hand how difficult it was to find a place to live in their communities, creators Kelvin Nyame, Rashad Seini, and Kofi Amuasi decided to take action,” Smith wrote.

MeQasa is “already recognized as one of the most-used online real estate resources in Ghana,” Smith noted. In addition to information on properties for rent or purchase, it publishes a weekly newsletter and Ghana’s first housing guide.

In his article on reengineering development in Africa, John Akhile, author of the book, Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade with the World, asserted that “Africans Misjudged the Purpose of Independence” and “were totally oblivious to the imperative mission of nation-building, which is the purpose of self-government.” The result was that African leaders allowed themselves to be manipulated by outside forces, causing incessant post-independence civil strife in many countries.”

One article emphasized the importance for countries in Africa to make plans to develop areas other than their major or capital cities to diversify development and for these major cities to not be overburdened, as is the case in places such as Luanda, capital of Angola and Monrovia, capital of Liberia.

Other articles in the  Unleash Africa newsletter address the largely unknown Herero genocide that occurred in what is now Namibia in 1904, and the ways the British East India Company engaged in widespread looting in India, helping to extend British hegemony on the subcontinent and elsewhere.

Africa Unleashed is available here.