Continuing the Conversation: Ways African Countries Can Capitalize on Their Raw Materials

Raw materials in African countries have been and continue to be exploited by others. It's time for these countries to change the narrative through the manufacturing and exportation of finished goods.

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How African Countries Can Take Charge of Their Raw Material Exploitation

For too long, African countries have had their raw materials taken advantage of by other countries. The time has come for them to take charge of these materials, invest in themselves, and start manufacturing their way to success.

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Booming Industries for African Countries to Consider in 2020

2020 marks the start of a new decade of opportunity for African countries to capitalize on their resources and grow their economies. As technological advancements grow by the day, what countries will take this opportunity and emerge as leaders?

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How Focused Leadership Can Help Solve Political and Economical Problems in Africa

Throughout history, leaders with the big ideas that would help reshape the world, were only able to manifest these ideas by having extreme focus. Focus, combined with wanting to empower and inspire others, helped embolden them into the history books for impacting the success of their country.

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How African Leaders Can Redirect Government Funds to Fuel Economic Growth

Poor government leadership and spending has been a detriment to the economic development of African countries for far too long. Government funds need to be invested into promising companies that create sustainable economic growth.

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Finding Levers That African Countries Can Pull To Stimulate Economic Development

Entrepreneurship and capitalism are the tried and true driving forces behind sustainable economic development. African countries cannot hope to build an economy around natural resources or aid from other countries; these can be supplemental factors but never the backbone for economic prosperity.

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