Stop Begging Bowl Diplomacy

By | 2018-06-18T05:48:33+00:00 June 18th, 2018|

The begging bowl approach that African nations have continued to try to implement is a process that simply doesn’t work. So why do African leaders continue to go that route?

This month, our host, John Akhile, and author of Unleashed: a New Paradigm of African Trade with the World, criticizes African leaders and their failure to look at other solutions to fixing their economies. He beseeches them to look to countries like Singapore and create a welcoming environment for investors and exporting industries.

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About the Author:

The author, John Akhile, is a man of varied entrepreneurial accomplishment in several fields. His range of interest includes fields as diverse from one another as; international trade, real estate and restaurants, demonstrating his keen interest in international affairs and in the cultural underpinnings of society. In many respects he is as a true "Renaissance" man because he has great depth of knowledge and command in many diverse fields. However his central passion has been the African continent and people, having concentrated on the issues hindering development and growth in African countries for more than more three decades. It has led to one self-published book and Unleashed.